G l y d e   S p e e d
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Glyde Speed  and  28 Dayz 2 Speed  is an innovative speed training program, created by Professional Speed Coach Clyde Avant.

Clyde brings over 20 years of Professional experience, success, and results to the  Glyde Speed  and  28 Dayz 2 Speed Training Program.

 "My athletes and teams are always in the best shape when they hit the field, from the 1995  Germantown Red Devils Baseball National Champions (38-0) to the 2007 Ravenwood Lacrosse State Champions.  I truly believe in quality work over quantity, especially in speed training. "

 - Clyde The Glyde           

                         Do you feel the need for speed

  • Improve your 40 or 60 yard sprint time
  • Increase your foot speed / reaction time
  • Increase your Lateral Movement
  • Increase your Vertical Jump
  • Reach your peak performance level


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